About the Artist

Nature is art, and my art is nature. The sole medium that I currently work with is hand preserved flowers. The beauty of nature is temporary. Leaves change color and fall, flowers die, and natural disasters can change a whole mountain range. Sarah Ebert art gives new life to nature. A rose once given an expiration date is preserved to last decades. I hope that my pieces can resonate in ways that art has never been able to before. I love to recreate nature, with nature.

As I write this, I am 23 years old, married, have a 18 week old Weimaraner puppy, and spend my time with my husband, family, my business Pressed Floral, and creating with dried flowers. I enjoy to travel, try new foods, cook, exercise, talk for hours with my friends and family, I love to go on walks, hikes, train for races, go to the beach, and do my morning routine. I've graduated college and aspire to be a great leader, an inspiring artist, and a good wife, friend, and mother some day.

I have always been a creative. From a young age I loved to act, dance, and sing – although I was never particularly good at any of these things. I loved to scrapbook, take photos and videos, plan parties, make recipes, paint, draw, redecorate my room. Creativity is my outlet and is a trait I knew that I always wanted to incorporate in my career. I started a business in 2019, Pressed Floral, a flower preservation company that specializes in pressing, preserving, and framing wedding bouquets for brides to keep forever. It began as a business that I was able to use my creativity every single day. Pressed Floral has grown rapidly, which has caused me to move into a CEO role of growth, paperwork, and managing. As a founder and CEO I am able to use my creativity in different ways, but I have missed the 'hands on' opportunities to design artwork daily. As I write this it is the beginning of 2023. This year I have made it a goal to give myself more time to be able to work solely on my love of artwork. I am so excited to share my art with the world and continue to bring new life to nature. 

My desire for commission large art pieces made with botanicals all started after visiting the Carlsbad Flower Fields. Me and my husband traveled to Carlsbad in the spring of 2021 to visit the Flower Fields. It was miles and miles of colorful ranunculus'. I was in awe for our whole visit at the beauty of the fields. I love this type of flower and I loved my visit, and I had a vision of a 10 foot long framed piece just full of ranunculus flowers to replicate this location. I immediately got to work on curating fresh ranunculus in all colors and beginning to preserve them. Unfortunately, they had to be set aside until I had the space to create the large piece that I envisioned. The following spring in 2022 me and my husband revisited The Flower Fields. I continued to curate fresh ranunclus to preserve, in all color categories. My business moved locations, and I finally had the space for the piece I envisioned. I picked out the frame color and sizes with my supplier to create two large pieces instead of one that is 10 feet. The two sizes was a safer option for the glass size, and I loved the idea of two pieces creating one. My Flower Fields art piece is one of my most cherished designs, because it truly was the beginning of my career as an independent artist. 

I have loved envisioning and creating the pieces that I have. It is a new outlet that I enjoy fully. From the vision, the feeling, the curating of fresh flowers, and the final design. I want to create art forever. I want my art to tell a story, for myself, and for my clients. 

I have always loved the outdoors. Throughout my life I have spent time daily to be outside hiking, running, rollerblading, camping, backpacking, site seeing, picnicking, walking, reading, tanning, swimming, etc. I truly to love the outdoors and love seeing everything that nature has to offer. Nature is artistic, everything about it. The changing of the seasons is artistic, the growth of new flowers and the density of deep forests. There is a reason so many love to be outside, it is a natural form of art that has a way to resonate with everyone. 

I am so excited to meet with the clients that my art speaks to. Let us collaborate on a piece that would be perfect for you. Thank you! 


xx Sarah